24 Mustard Pimp


24 ? Mustard Pimp. 24 ….


Hour 1

1)Mustard Pimp Scissors (Intro Edit)
2)Boris Dlugosch Bangkok
3)Sonicc Unicorns On Acid
4)Sonicc Trolls On Acid (Beataucue Remix)
5)Malente Vs Azzido Da Bass Theyre Killin It (Motor Remix)
6)Mvsevm French Jeans (Style Of Eye Remix)
7)Schizophonics 88
8)LA Riots The Drop
9)Mustard Pimp Kiwi (Gtronic Big Bass Remix)
10)Sound Of Stereo Zipper (LA Riots Remix)
11)Mustard Pimp Cherry (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)
12)Timbaland Morning After Dark (Mr Gaspar & Oliver Portamento Remix)
13)Magnvm Bingo (NT89 Remix)
14)Hot Pink Delorean Lets Go
15)Shinichi Osawa EEAA (Mustard Pimp Remix)
16)Cold Blank The Flying Cat
17)Malente & Jay Robinson Do Your Head (Sticky K Remix)
18)Plaza De Funk Push N Pull (Gigi Barocco Remix)
19)Beezy Day In The Life (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
20)D Bag My Brother Was A Rockstar (Blaze Tripp Vocal Remix)
21)I Punk Punk Is Alive (Triggerhippies Remix)
22)Villains Victim (Designer Drugs Remix)
23)South Rakkas Crew Robots Revenge (Mustard Pimp Remix)
24)Rogue Element Lumina (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
25)Hot Pink Delorean & Fantastadon Party Favour (Fantastadon Remix)
26)Pink A Pad Pink Is Back (Gtronic Remix)
27)Hac Mac B B Girls B B Boys (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
28)Dirty Disco Youth Heads Off (Mustard Pimp Remix)
29)Dirty Disco Youth Brains Off
31)Sawgood Rockit
32)Sawgood & Ajapai Red Lights
33)Mustard Pimp Cherry (Ajapai Remix)

Hour 2

34)Deadkids Snakes Cooks (Dj Stolemymodem Remix)
35)Stimpunk Aka Dj Silent Beatcrusher
36)A1 Bassline Evil 10
37)Amari Your Kisses (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
38)Mustard Pimp Cherry (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
39)Sissy Nobby Lay Me Down (A1 Bassline Remix)
40)Mightyfools Hoo Haa
41)Oh Snap Plus Size Model (Mightyfools Remix)
42)Udachi Pfunk Skank
43)Schizophonics Theme (Instrumental)
44)Designer Drugs Riot (Mustard Pimp Remix)
45)Alan Gay Bastardrave
46)Joseph 9000 88
47)Keatch Four Dead In Five Seconds
48)Mustard Pimp Cherry (Taku Takahashi Remix)
49)Toy Quantize Weather Change (Doc Trashz Remix)
50)Eagles Of Death Metal Secret Plans (Mustard Pimp Remix)
51)September Leave It All Behind (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
52)Mustard Pimp And Blatta & Inesha Pigeon Flu
53)Shaved Monkeys Get Rough
54)Gooseflesh Dodgems (Cyberpunkers Remix)
55)Felix Cartal Skeleton (Pance Party Remix)
56)Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys Get This Motherfucker
57)Nephyte Vs DJ Paul Elstak Rotterdam Holligan
58)Ian Brown Just Like You (The Prodigy Remix)

Hour 3

59)Electrixx Just A Freak
60)Crookers Mad Kidz
61)Magik Johnson -The Bushman (Crookers Remix)
62)Mason Quarter (The Subs Remix)
63)Larry Tee I Love You (Bart B More Secured Dub)
64)Alex Gopher Aurora (Dada Life Remix)
65)Hostage Roll On (Malente Remix)
66)Boys Noize Frau Feat I Robots
67)Hostage Rave Rave Rave
68)The Yank We Cant Be stop D
69)24 Skorpionz Feat. Chamillionaire We Some Playerz (Bryan Cox Remix)
70)Feadz Humanoid (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)
71)Ryan Murgatroyd What You Do To ME (Stupid Fresh Remix)
72)Kelis Milkshake (Man Eat Dj & Jizm Remix)
73)Moonbootica We 1-2 Rock (Malente Remix)
74)Kaysh Drug Induced Sex (Kid Dub Loves Kinky Sex Mix)
75)Congorock Runark (His Majesty Andre Growl Remix)
76)Armpit Dumps Narciss
77)The Freaks The Creeps (Vandalism Unreleased Mix)
78)Alloy Mental God Is Green (Meat Katie Remix)
79)Alex Gopher Dust
80)Ezella Rocks Super Commodore
81)Dekky Clean The Closet
82)Detect Bump Dance Division (Yuksek Remix)
83)Fake Blood Theme
84)Junkie Xl Booming Right At You
85)Jessse Mc Cartney Leavin (Mstrkrft Remix)
86)Mr Miyagi Pick Your Poison (Felix Cartal Remix)
87)Acid Jacks Awake Since 78 (Mstrkrft Remix)
88)Shinichi Osawa Electro 411

Hour 4

89)Hatiras And Jelo Donkey Punch
90)Mox Codeta Fresh
91)Paxi Discoschlampe (V Headz Remix)
92)Herve Lets Get Dirty
93)Headshotboyz Exodus (Bryan Cox Remix)
94)A1 Bassline Bad Man Horror Theme
95)Foamo Moving It Over Here
96)Fagget Fairys Samo Ti (Ac Slater Remix)
97)Hot Pink Delorean Feat Fantastadon Party Favour
98)Machines Dont Care How Y All Like Me Now
99)Mustard Pimp Oh La La Satan
100)B Rich Cant Take What I Got (Sluttt Stopped Me Remix)
101)Stereheroes Washout
102)Far Och Son Panik (Phatzoo Remix)
103)The Bloody Beetroots Detroit
104)Felix Cartal Moss Vs Tree
105)EPMD Run It (Hervé Got His Hands Up Remix)
106)Stereoheroes Boom Slang (Rayflash Remix)
107)Soulwax Miserable Girl (Shinichi Osawa Edit)
108)Clazziquai Project (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
109)Zingone & Nina Kick It (Stereoheroes Remix)
110)Bondo Do Role Geremia (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)
111)T Raumschmiere Feat Miss Kittin The Game Is Not Over
112)Kitt Supercar Theme
113)GDR Woskip (Electrocker F.i.c.k.e.n. Remix)

Hour 5

114)Hoshina Anniversary Sexy Sebastian
115)Ajapai Boostar
116)Ravex Rock U (Feat Namie Amuro)
117)The Subs Papillon (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
118)Ajapai Two Sworded
119)Mighty Dub Katz Magic Carpet Ride 07 (Shinchi Osawa Remix)
120)Capsule Flash Back
121)Ajapai Jigglin
122)Bunny Lake into The Future (Booty Bronx Remix)
123)Hoshina Anniversary Bretvak 1.3
124)Kick Oh! Hold Me (Ajapai Remix)
125)Mickael Jackson Billie Jean (Taku Takahashi Remix)
126)Ajapai Godfather
127)The Ting Tings Thats Not My Name (Taky Takahashi Remix)
128)Lady Sovereign Jigsaw (Taku Takahashi Remix)
129)DJ Ozma Masurao (shinichi Osawa Remix)
130)Ravex I Rave U
131)Shinichi Osawa & Nima Tahmasebi Kyouki
132)Bunny Lake Love (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
133)Tiga Mind Dimension Ryukyu (Taku Takahashi Mashup)
134)Rayflash Body Talk
135)Blood Red Shoes Its Getting Boring By The Sea (Frap Frap Fraps Remix)
136)Rosso Clover (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
137)Shinichi Osawa The Golden (Shinichi Osawa Exclusive Live Edit)
138)Rosso Saxophone Baby (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
139)Polysics I My Me Mine
140)Vamps Love Addict
141)Boom Boom Sattelites Kick It Out

Hour 6

142)16 bit Chainsaw Calligraphy
143)Level 67 $100 Block Of Hashish (VIP)
144)Distinction Fly Eyes (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
145)Eddie K The Shivers
146)Unitz The Drop
147)Bar 9 Shaolin
148)DZ Old Timers
149)Caspa & Rusko Power Shower
150)Kid Sister Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
151)Crissy Criss Dont Mess About
152)Flux Pavillion Take That
153)Skism The Blank
154)Druley Fail
155)N Type & The Others Technophobe
156)Trolley Snatcha Shake It
157)DZ Down
158)Bar 9 Bakin Bread
159)Eddie K Whos The Hardest
160)Datsik & Flux Pavillion Game Over
161)Borgore -Foes (16 Bit Fuck Hoes Remix)
162)Alpine Dub And Soundwall Virus (Dubstep Version)
163)High Rankin The Airloom
164)Excision Darkness (Feat Subvert)
165)Chase & Status Saxon
166)12th Planet 28 Hours Later
167)501 Sure Shot
168)501 Dangerous
169)501 Special Request
170)Akira Kiteshi Ming The Merciless
171)Ajapai Incoming

Hour 7

172)Reso Onslaught
173)Sub Scape Transaction
174)Propa Tingz Propa tingz
175)Koan Sound clowny
176)Stereo Type Shock! (Nero Remix)
177)Nero Act Like You Know (Dubstep Mix)
178)Borgore Love
179)Skism Rise Of The Idiots
180)Taz Buckfaster Murda Skank
181)TRG Horny (Reso Remix)
182)High Rankin No Money For Guns
183)Excision No Escape
184)Subscape Wrong
185)Reso If Ya Cant Beat Em
186)Reso Beasts In The Basement
187)Reso Smash Yer Face In
188)Vaski Murder
189)16bit The Tale Of The Exploding Fist
190)Bar 9 Extort
191)Borgore Borgore Ina Trouble
192)Borgore Ice Cream
193)Borgore Mamas Boy
194)J Rabbit Ninja Gaiden

Hour 8

195)Planetary Assault System From Above
196)Skool Of Thought World Of Music (Ed Solo Mix)
197)Eargasm Weighed Down
198)Krafty Kuts Bass Phenomenon
199)The Breakfastaz Psychopath
200)Freeflow 45 Peaktime
201)Scratch Perverts Stand By (Krafty Kuts Remix)
202)Cut & Run Crew Higher Friend
203)MKM & GBX I Dont Think So
204)Quadrat Beat Showtime
205)Perpetual Present Girls & Devices
206)Soul Of Man Sukdat (Rogue Element Remix)
207)Vandal Captain Magic (Dirty Vox)
208)Tresh The Nu Skool Jutsu (Access Denied Remix)
209)Aquasky & El Hornet Of Pendulum Girls & Boys
210)Aquasky & Meat Katie Overneath
211)Cut & Run Trouble In The Jungle
212)4Kuba Lonedog
213)High Rankin Break Street
214)Black Daniel Gimme What You Got (Alex Metric Remix)
215)Secta Chameleon This Is How We Roll (Instrumental)
216)Cut & Run Horns Power
217)Napt N-Funk
218)4Kuba S300
219)4Kuba Contact
220)B-Phreak Repeated Groove (Beat Assassins Remix)
221)Stereo Mcs Set It Off (Deekline & Wizard Remix)
222)D-Ranged Get Shift (Far Too Loud Remix)

Hour 9

223)4Kuba High Ai Ketamine Android
224)BSD Get Hype On This
225)General Midi The Westerner Boss
226)Plump DJs The Push
227)DJ Mutiny Feat Miss Trouble Most (Breakfastaz Mix)
228)Napt The Rollers (Feat Mc Skibadee)
229)The Phat Riderz Wicked Generation
230)Youthful Implants Thinking Of YOu (Anti Science Remix)
231)DJ Nitro Violence (Rogue Element Remix)
232)Cut & Run Shine
233)Equalizers Kickin Hard
234)Guau Antisereo (Destroyers Vs Aggresivnes Remix)
235)Specimen A Algorithm
236)The Magnet Men Youre The Type
237)Koma & Bones Guns,Guts & Glory
238)Afghan Headspin Beast
239)Equalizers Wike Awake
240)4kuba Cheap
241)Bomberman None Of You Left
242)Critical Watch Dis
243)Plump Djs Bullet Train
244)The Prodigy Warriors Dance (Future Funk Squad Rave Soldier Remix)
245)Ctrl Z Vs Screwface Kung Fu Funk
246)Access Denied Tumbler
247)4kuba Is In A fire Place
248)Far Too Loud Shredder

Hour 10

249)Bomberman Soul Shaker
250)Pyramid Feat. Ic3 Wickedest Combination
251)CTRL Z & Screwface Present Stereo Type & Mash Feat Foreign Beggars
252)Quadrat Beat Rasoblade (Mars Remix)
253)The Breakfastaz Spit It Out
254)Dilemn Time To Sing
255)Pete Samplers & Mando From Mass Slot Machine
256)Nursery Of Naughtiness Eyes (Far Too Loud Remix)
257)Far Too Loud Vs Code Zero Blackout
258)Freestylers The Slammer
259)Dilemn Daylight (BBB Remix)
260)Transformer Man Murder On The Loveboat
261)Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era Far Out (The Slag Brothers Remix)
262)Ed 209 + Ken Mac Hell Yeah
263)Ian Van Dahl Inspiration (Breakfastaz Remix)
264)PJ & Smiley Come TO Turn It Out (CTRL Z Remix)
265)Omar Santana & Dre Hectik Playing With Fire
266)Pendulum Out Here
267)Chaotic Pulse Vs Slydtek Guidance (The Phat Riderz Remix)
268)Counterfeitbeatz Block Rockin Breaks
269)4Kuba Breaktrough
270)Freestylers Punks (Krafty Kuts Remix)
271)Freestylers Get A Life

Hour 11

272)Freestylers In the Beginning
273Junkie XL Action Radius
274)Groove Armada Purple Haze
275)Crystal Method In the Name Of The Game
276)Corporate Avenger Fault the Police
277)Hardknox Attitude
278)Cirrus Back On a Mission
279)Audio Bullys Snake
280)Fatboyslim Slash Dot Slash
281)Dub Pistols Unique Freak
282)The Avalanches Flight Tonight
283)Lords Of Acid Crablouse
284)Prodigy Spitfire
285)Amon Tobin Get Your Snack On
286)Boom Boom Satellites Dub Me Crazy
287)Propellerheads Take California
288)The Wiseguys Start The Commotion
289)The Wiseguys Ooh La La
290)Audio Bullys We Dont Care
291)Basement Jaxx feat. DIzzee Rascal Lucky Star
292)Future Sound of London We have Explosive
293)Headrillaz Screaming Headz
294)Lunatic Calm Leave Your Far Behind
295)Lionrock Bag Of Biros
296)Leftfield Phat Planet
297)The chemical Brothers Setting Sun
298)Junkie XL Dealing with the Roster
299)Andy Hunter Come On
300)Prodigy Rythm Of Life
301)Overseer Stompbox
302)Dj Shadow You cant Go Home Again
303)Amon Tobin Night Life
304)Appollo 440 Aint Talkin Bout Dub
305)Prodigy First Warning
306)Atari Teenage Riot Ghostcase
307)Mindless Self Indulgence Shut Me Up
308)Atari Teenage Riot Deutschland (Has gotta Die !)
309)Prodigy Wake The Fuck Up
310)Mindless Self Indulgence Revenge
311)Ez3kiel Jahs Hardcore
312)Atari Teenage Riot Not Your Business
313)Amon Tobin Slowly

Hour 12

314)Pendulum Prelude
315)Roni Size Strictly Social (Nu Tone Remix)
316)Aphrodite Acid Life
317)Future Cut Specialist
318)DJ Sin & Stare Highline
319)Aphrodite Playground Shades
320)Twisted Individual Camel Bite
321)Shimon & Andy C Body Rock
322)Fresh All That Jazz (Instrumental)
323)Potential Badboy Let Loose (Feat. Yush)
324)DJ Hype Cold Blooded
325)Stalefish Ooh my gosh
326)Adam F Eightball
327)Adam F Stand Clear (Origin Unknown Remix)
328)Aphrodite Dub Moods (Majistrate Feat. DJ Nicol Remix)
329)Crossfire Hideout
330)EZ Rollers Crowd Rocker
331)Shimon & Sparfunk Bass Fanatic
332)Krust Warhead (Ram Trilogy Remix)
333)DJ Hazard Talk Like A Girl
334)Crystal Clear & Codebreaker The Sickness
335)Baron The Shakedown
336)Bad Company Planet Dust
337)Crossfire Darkstar
338)Scetch & Code Warrior
339)Universal Project Vessel
340)Roni Size Uncencored
341)Mask Bad Mutha
342)Black Sun Empire Breach
343)Ram Trilogy Screamer
344)Aphrodite Lava Flow

Hour 13

345)Aphrodite Stalker (Benny Page Remix)
346)Crossfire Hydra
347)EZ Rollers RS 2000
348)B Key Capacitor (Remixxx 1)
349)Baron Superfuzz
350)Dillinja Twist Em Out
351)Total Science Jungle Jungle
352)Bad Company 4 Days
353)DJ Kontrol Forcefield
354)Decoder Hord 39
355)Distorted Minds T10
356)Adam F Original Jungle Sound (TC Remix)
357)Adam F & Fresh When The Sun Goes Down (Origin Unknown Remix)
358)Mampi Swift & Blame Sleepwalker
359)Decorum Contrax (Weapon Remix)
360)Baron Operation Pipe Dream
361)Da Firm Feat. Shortson Better Believe (Dope Ammo Remix)
362)Distorted Minds Stay Focused
363)Q Project Champion Sound (Bad Company Remix)
364)Twisted Individuals Guesset Gravy
365)Crossfire Counterforce
366)Total Science My Selector
367)Zen Conundrum
368)Baron The Ratpack
369)Fresh & Baron Supernature
370)Drumsound & Bassline Smith -Grand Theft Auto 2
371)Future Prophecies Dreadlock

Hour 14

372)Pharaohe Monch Simon Says (JL Remix)
373)Pendulum Vault (VIP)
374)Agent Alvin Crystal Metro
375)Mampi Swift Trippin
376)Total Science Going In Circles (Artificial Intelligence Remix)
377)Fresh Submarines (Pendulum Remix)
378)Fresh Nervous
379)Freestylers Painkiller
380)Muffler Beast Within
381)J Majik & Wickaman Smoking Herb
382)Kaleb Chemical Sleep
383)Distorted Minds Feat. MC Foxy Fire In The Hole
384)Mampi Swift Delusions
385)Noisia The Tide
386)Future Prophecies Insomnia
387)Sub Focus Frozen Solid
388)Exile & Temper D Warehouse
389)Basic Operations White
390)Drumsound & Bassline Smith Tyrant (Nightwalker Remix)
391)Frozen Monkeys Gurning On The Dancefloor (G Dub Remix)
392)Nightbreed Pack Of Wolves
393)Pendulum Blood Sugar
394)Black Sun Empire Bitemark
395)Terravita Adult Robot Kung Fu

Hour 15


396)Frankie Cutlass Puerto Rico Black People
397)Das EFX Check It Out
398)Lakim Shabazz Need Some Lovin
399)Boogie Down Porductions Im
400)2Black2Strong War On Drugs
401)Hoodratz Mrs Crabtree
402)Nas NY State Of Mind
403)D.E.F. Doug E Fresh
404)EPMD Chill
405)The D&d Allstars 1&2 Pass It (Remix)
406)Double XX Posse Ruff, rugged & Raw
407)Lorz Of Brooklyn Saturday Nite Fever
408)Kool G Rap and DJ Polo Street Blues
409)Mad Kap Irrelevant (DIckies Emporium)
410)Hoodratz Rollin Wit Da Rat Pak
411)Whos Da Gangsta
412)Craz Step Up (Vocals)
413)Down South Down South
414)Ador Ill At Will
415)De La Soul Stakes is High
416)Aday Day 2 Day
417)Das EFX Mic Checka
418)Dred Scott Back In The Day
419)Lords Of The Undergound
420)Chino XL Purple hands un the air
421)Ador Keep it Real
422)Ali Dee Batter Up
423)Slick Rick Behind Bars
424)MOP How about some Hardcore
425)Ultramagnetic MCs Ego Trip
426)Black Moon Powerful Impak
427)Kaos Ta bass Brokin English Klik
428)Sparky Dee Dont Make Me Laugh
429)The Goats Cumin in ya ear
430)Babiegezus & da Allstars ft. Greg Nyce Cant hold us down (remix)
431)Erick Sermon Payback Il
432)Kool G Rap and DJ Polo Crime Pays
433)Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth Structly For The Ladies
434)Das EFX Gimme Dat Micraphone
435)Fatal Pass The Kronz
436)Intelligent Hoodlum Underground
437)Kool G Rap and DJ Polo On The Run (Al Capone Version)
438)LL Cool J Now Im Comin
439)Lords Of The Underground From Da Bricks
440)Hoodratz Sneeke Muthafukaz
441)Blvd Boyz Off Da Head (Original Mix)
442)Mad Kap Check It Out
443)Naughty By Nature Opp
444)King Sun Once Upon a Time
445)Down South Jimi Crack Corn
446)Strickly Roots Beg No Friends
447)Troubleneck Brothers Troubleneck Wreck
448)Ali Dee Whos Da Flava
449)Chilly Tee Get Off Mine
450)Shaquille O Neal Boom !
451)Young Black Teenagers Roll The Flavor
452)MC Lyte Brooklyn
453)Down South Lost In Brooklyn
454)Dred Scott Rough E Nuff
455)Large Professor Hard !!!
456)Lords Of The Underground Chief Rocka
457)Brokin English Klik Hard core Beats
458)Raw Breed Lune Tunz
459)Money Boss Players Ghetto Chronicle Daily
460)Slick Rick Teacher, Teacher

Hour 16

461)Fatal Timber
462)Black Sheep The Choice Is Yours
463)Public Enemy Cant Trust It
464)The Almighty RSO Revenge Of Da Badd Boyz
465)Justice System Due Our Time
466)Original Flavor Can I get Open
467)K Solo I cant Hold It Back
468)MC Lyte Ruffneck
469)3rd Bass Worz of Wisdom
470)Young Black Teenagers Tap The bottle (Mongrel Mix)
471)Leader Of The New School Quarter to Cutthroat
472)Hard To Obtain Jokers World
473)Original Flavour Here We Go (Fuck It Up)
474)Yaggfu Front Busted Loop
475)Timbo King & Spark 950 Ice Cream Flavour
476)Hard To Obtain Jokers World
477)Eric B and Rakim I Aint No Joke
478)KMD Sweet Premium Wine
479)X Clan Heed The Word Of The Brother
480)Ador Here Come Da Wreck
481)2Black2Strong Only The Strong Survive
482)Lifers Group Let Me Out
483)Chino Xl Mad At the World
484)Ultramagnetic MCs Critical Beatdown
485)Eric B & Rakim Juice (Know The Ledge)
486)Tony D Check The Elevation
487)Zhigge No Time To Fess

West Coast

488)Boss Deeper
489)Mc Ren Final Frontier
490)Blackalicious Lyric Fantom
491)The D.o.c Its Funky Enough
492)Funkddobiest Lost In Though
493)Da Lench Mob Guerillas In tha mist
494)Aztlan Nation Born to play the bad guy
495)Mc Ren Behind the Scenes
496)Eazy-E Only If You Want It
497)Casual You Flunked
498)N.W.A Express Yourself
499)Above The Law Never Missin A Beat
500)Comptons Most Wanted This Is Compton
501)Boss Comin To Gettcha
502)The Alkaholiks Make Room
503)Ice Cube When Will they Shoot
504)Spice 1 Im The fuckin Murderer
505)The Mexakinz Cok Bak Da Hamma !
506)Ice Cube Check Yo Self
507)Tweedy Bird Loc Fuck South Bronx
508)Capital Tax Make A Move Yall
509)The Mexakinz Push Up n da Wrong
510)Funkdoobiest Bow wow wow

Hour 17

511)Pharcyde Oh Shit
512)Blood Of Abraham Another Nail In the Coffin
513)Blood Of Abraham Niggaz And Jewz (some say kikes)
514)Kurious Spell it with A J (yes, yes Jorge)
515)Da Lench Mob Going Bananas
516)Ray Luv 1 Fo Ya Ass Raymonds Dead
517)King Tee At Your Own Risk (Budha Mix)
518)Del Ya Lil Crumbsnatchers
519)Bloods And Crips Duet
520)AMG Givva Dogga Bone

521)(Interlude) Above The Law Black Triangle

US Diverse/Canada

522)Scarface Lettin Em Know
523)7669 Heree Ah Cumm
524)Scarface Comin Agg
525)Maestro Fresh Wes Dats My Nigga !!
526)A.P.G Crew Road Is Rough
527)Odd Squad Came Na Cedown
528)Native Nuttz Erect From Tha Slumz
529)5ive-O Uhh
530)Funk Family Anyway
531)Maestro Fresh Wes Pray To Da East
532)Ase Man Many Styles
533)Tung Twista Back 2 School
534)Son Of noise Crazy Mad Flow (Urban Alien Mix)
535)Ksquad Anger n Rage
536)Def Jef Fasho Shot
537)Geto Boys Do It Like It G.O.
538)Boys from The Btoom Do You Want the Nasty


539)Blade Gripper The Pitbull
540)Killa Instinct Hell Is The Next Stop
541)2Ruff Ruff Is The Way
542)Blaktwang Kik Off
543)2Ruff I wanna Get Live
544)Da Hoodzmen Rhyme Ripper
545)2Ruff Ruffskills
546)Hardnoise Serve Tea, Then Murder
547)Killa Instinct Rush In
548)Hijack The Terrorist Group Hijack The Terrorist Group
549)Damn Da Souls Da Rebel
550)Hijack Straight To The Bank
551)Hijack The Terrorist Group The Badman Is Robin
552)Killa Instinct The noose Around Your Neck
553)Hijack The Terrorist Group The Syndicate Outta Jail
554)Broken Glass Style Of The Street
555)Hijack Doomsday of Rap
556)DJ Krash Slaughta Broken Blown Mics
557)Silver Bullet 20 Seconds To Comply

Hour 18

558)Dima Poetry (Shit Again Mix)
559)Robert Armani Circus Bells (Hardfloor Remix)
560)Dave Clarke Protective Custody
561)District 1 The Ventriloquest
562)USS Severe Barcode Population
563)Laurent Garnier Crispy Bacon
564)Marco Laine Mosaic
565)Mike Dearborne Jaws
566)Cajmere Come (Green Velvet Remix)
567)Strass Untitled
568)Knarz Funknarz
569)Propionic Dont Combine Me With LSD
570)Thomas Krome Lord Of Darkness
571)Mad Max Summer Rain (Acid Mix)
572)David Caretta Nice Dog
573)Dave The Drummer & Syber Simon Untitled
574)Green Velvet Land Of The Lost (Laidback Luke Remix)
575)Temptation Pressure
576)Ganez The Terrible X Cuse Me
577)Anxious Phungus #2
578)Atom X Damage
579)Christian Morgensteirn Untitled
580)Cristian Varela Intensitive
581)The Advent Mad Dog
582)Stu Grant Brain Cage
583)Julian Liberator Funky
584)Chris Liberator & Guy Mc Affer Reflex Blue

Hour 19

585)Dave The Drummer & DJ Jerome Steamliner
586)Dextro NRG Morela
587)Soul Grabber Motocross Madness
588)Burn Rubber Burncrash Car
589)Trax X Mindwarp
590)Robert Natus FC (Natus & Rotz Mix)
591)Mike Dust Sawtooth Massacre (Boris S Remix)
592)Greg Silver Triplex
593)Ivan David & Ronaldo Vetro Volta Ao Preto
594)Monolog & Wragg Trouser Flapper
595)Chronos Siracle
596)Vitalic La Rock 01
597)Steve Wales Tekno Sensor
598)Carbon Based Hunt & Haunting
599)DJ Ze Mig.L Mr. Nice Guy
600)Unknown Artist Breathe Bootleg
601)Unknow Artist Voodoo People Bootleg
602)T Raumschmiere Monster Truck Driver

Hour 20

603)Electric Wizard Satanic Rites of Drugula
604)Black Sabath Sabath, Bloody Sabath/
605)Black Sabath The Wizard
606)wisted Sister I wanna Rock
607)The Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter
608)Aerosmith The Other Side (live)
609)AC/DC Get It Hot
610)Eagles Of Death Metal I gotta feeling (Just Nineteen)
611)Soulwax Miserable Girl
612)The Vines Get free
613)Foo Fighters Ill Stick Arround
614)Queen Tie Your Mother Down (Motörhead Cover)
615)Kyuss Supa Scoppa and Mighty Scoop
616)Guns n Roses Out Ta Get Me
617)The Mars Volta Cicatriz Esp
618)Motörhead Mean Machine
619)Mötley Crue Too fast for love
620)The Hives Here we go again
621)Queen Of The Stone Age Go with the flow
622)Queen Of The Stone Age Quick and to the pointless
623)Desert Sessions Screamin Eagle
624)Pissed Jeans False Jesii Part 2
625)The Stooges Search & Destroy
626)The Strokes Juicebox
627)White Stripes Theres No Home for you here
628)Franz Ferdinand You could have it so much better
629)Velvet Revolver Set Me Free
630)Alice In Chains Them Bones
631)At The Drive In One Armed Scissor
632)The Blood Brothers Set Fire to the face on fire
633)Sna -Fu Transcending Reality
634)Klaxons Totem on the Timeline
635)The Brian Jonestown Massacre Caress
636)At The Drive In Enfilade
637)The Dillinger Escape Plan Milk Lizard
638)The Fall Of Troy Ex Creation
639)Wino Ponctuated Equilibrium
640)Deep Purple Speed King
641)Led Zeppelin Rock And Roll
642)Eagles Of Death Metal I only Want You
643)Nirvana Mr Moustache
644)Buthole surfers Who was in my room last night
645)Mastodon Blood and Thunder
646)Wuizit Narcisse
647)Torche Healer
648)Arctic Monkeys From the Ritz to the Rubble
649)Dead Kennedys A child And His Lawnower
650)Misfits Green Hell
651)The Horrors Draw Japan
652)Every Time I Die Depressionista
653)Motörhead Lifes A Bitch
654)Sna Fu Dorian
655)The Last Vegas Raw Dogg
656)Death From Above 1979 My love is Shared
657)Death From Above 1979 Pull Out
658)Dragon Force Storming the burning fields
659)Dragon Force Revolution Deathsquad
660)Dragon Force Fury Of the Storm
661)Dragon Force Operation ground and pound
662)Dragon Force Cry for eternity
663)Dragon Force The flame of Youth
664)Dragon Force Through fire and flames

Hour 21

665)Haddaway What Is Love
666)Reel 2 Real Go On Move
667)Snap Rhythm Is The Dancer
668)20 Fingers Feat. Roula Lick It
669)2 Unlimited Faces
670)Corona Baby Baby
671)Le Park Naked
672)Double You Part Time Lover (feat. Alexia)
673)Basic Element Touch
674)Culture Beat Mr Vain
675)Dr Alban Let The Beat Go On
676)Maxx Get A WAy
677)Le Park Litchies
678)The Immortals Mortal Kombat Theme
679)Aqua My Oh My
680)DJ Miko Whats Up (club Edit)
681)Capella U & Me
682)Ice MC Its A Rainy Day
683)Ice MC Take Away The Colour
684)E Type Set The World On Fire (7″ Version)
685)E Rotic Max Dont Have Sex With Your Ex
686)Masterboy Generation Of Love
687)Maxx No More (I Cant Stand It)
688)2 Unlimited No Limit
689)Masterboy Feel The Heat Of The Night
690)Masterboy Is This The Love
691)E Type This Is The Way
692)2 Unlimited The Real Things
693)Culture Beat Anything
694)John Scatman Scatmans World
695)Fun Factory Pain
696)Mo Do Hallo, Mo-Do
697)Paul Elstak Dont Leave Me Alone
698)Paul Elstak Luv U More
699)Paul Elstak Rave On

Hour 22

700)Suicidal Tendencies You cant bring me down
701)Sacred Reich Independent
702)Iron Maiden Where eagles dare
703)Overkill Fatal If Swallowed
704)Overkill Wrecking Crew
705)Sodom Ausgebombt ( German Version)
706)Metallica Whiplash
707)Megadeth Hangar 18
708)Anthrax Madhouse
709)Megadeth Holy Wars
710)Morbid Angel Where the slime Live
711)Slayer Raining Blood
712)Totenmond Honigtraum
713)Entombed I for An Eye
714)Suicidal Tendencies Cyco Vision
715)Exploited Fightback
716)Metallica My Apocalyspe
717)Slayer Disciple
718)Exploited They Lie
719)Biohazard Gravity
720)Judas Priest Electric Eye
721)Kreator Endless Pain
722)Anthrax A.I.R
723)Somethings Gotta Give
724)Sick Of It All Falling Appart
725)Destruction The Final Curtain
726)Madball Unity
727)Death Breath Death Breath
728)Machine Head Take My Scars
729)Vision Of Disorder Imprint
730)Sodom Frozen Screams
731)F-Minus Brand Loyalty
732)Death Breath Heading For Decapitation
733)Nailbomb Wasting Away
734)Sepultura Desperate Cry
735)Pantera Suicide Note Part II
736)Machine Head Struck A Nerve
737)Sepultura Beaneath the Remains
738)Kreator Pleasure to Kill
739)Tankard Dark Exile
740)Shining Laat Oss Ta Allt Fraan Darandra
741)Marduk Cold Mouth Prayer
742)Gorgoroth Incipit Satan
743)Mayhem Burried By Time and Dust
744)Wolves In the Throne Room Ahrimanic Trance

Hour 23

745)Hellfish Headbanger (Ballbasher Mix)
746)Technological Terror Crew Where Angels Fear To Tread
747)Technological Terror Crew The Ripper
748)The Producer Screamers Revenge
749)Hellfish UK Fresh
750)Hellfish & Producer Untitled
751)Dj Dolphin & Dj Tox Yeah Muthafucka
752)Wargroover British Nightmare
753)Diplomat Cool & Deadly
754)Hellfish Techno City
755)The Producer Only I Can Do It(Retarded Kickdrum Mix)
756)Hellfish Ultimate Damage 98
757)The Producer Out Of Control (Huge Spaced Arena Mix)
758)Hellfish Hardcore Body Harvest
759)Hellfish The Crippler
760)Technological Terror Crew Reckless
761)Hellfish & The Producer No More Rock and Roll
762)Hellfish & The Producer Do Ya Like? (DJ Producers The Champ Remix)
763)Diplomat Brainwave
764)Diplomat The Running Man
765)DJ Hellfish AK47 Muthaf-cka (Remix)
766)The Producer King Of The Varispeed
767)Hellfish Serious Evil Shit Mission 3
768)DJ Dolphin & DJ Tox Aggravated Violent Assault
769)Hellfish Destined For Destruction
770)The Destroyer Ernestina Part 1
771)The Destroyer Mind Carnage (Remix)
772)The Destroyer You Fuckin Mutha Fucker (Promo Edit)
773)The Destroyer My Brain Is Sick (Happy Mix)
774)The Destroyer My Brain Is Sick (Original Mix)

Hour 24

775)The Destroyer Break Your Speaker (3rd Mix)
776)The Destroyer Break Your Speaker (2nd Mix)
777)The Destroyer Big Bit
778)The Destroyer Feat. Ernestina The Korrosive Adventure (Censored Mix)
779)The Destroyer Feat. Ernestina The Korrosive Adventure
780)The Destroyer The Destroyer Is Back
781)The Destroyer Ultimate Mix
782)The Destroyer Brbrbrbrob Gee Suck My Beat
783)The Destroyer The Problem
784)The Destroyer Save The Old
785)The Destroyer Salta
786)The Destroyer The Calm Guy
787)The Destroyer Mind Carnage
788)The Destroyer Toasted Dork (Heavy Mix)
789)The Destroyer Hard Floyd
790)The Destroyer I Vincini Di Casa
791)The Destroyer Kolombus Bitch
792)The Destroyer Giant Station
793)The Destroyer Fuck The Dream
794)The Destroyer Fuckin Hostile (Burp Mix)
795)The Destroyer Hardcore Healing
796)Disciples Of Belial Lucifer We Praise Thee
797)Eradicator I Cum Blood
798)Delta 9 Real Hardcore
799)D.O.A Chemical Warfare
800)Jakazid Cillit Bang Remix
801)Altar Blood Swamp


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