Cheekyboy – Halloween Haunt megamix

Cheekyboy - Halloween Haunt megamix

Halloween – , . , “ ” “ ” – - - Cheekyboy, Laptop Punk., .


Dance of the Demons – Remix of the theme to classic Argento/bava horror film Demons with quotes from tony the pimp!
Missy Elliot vs MJ – 4 my zombie people
Busta Rhymes vs Ray Parker jr – bustaghosts
MJ vs Tag Team – Thriller Whoomp!Does it offend you yeah vs Oingo Boingo – Doomed Mans Party
Does it offend you yeah vs ??? – Dawn of the Banshee
the haunted Mash-ion – rough demo from NOTLMM
gnarls barkley vs avalanches – crazy psychiatrist (in case you missed it!)
Its halloween! – Disneyworld Halloween song vs Insane clown posse
nightmare run – The Madness vs Gravediggaz
does it offend you yeah vs John Carpenter, Steve miller, vincent price – Halloween Royale with Cheese
Halloween with morrissey – From Son of Monster Mashup

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