dj Lost – Noise, Noize, Noizeaa (mixtape, aug, 06)

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Tracklist :
1.Synapscape – Soundcheck (Act, AntZen)
2.Ah Cama-Sotz – Armitangosh (The Way to Heresy)
3.Shorai – Machine Room Smells Better (40 Minutes Into The Future,Hands)
4.Architect – If Jim Would Jam with Richie (hymen – 746)
5.Hypnoskull – Dead Track 3 (Intubation)
6.Contaminant – Blue Eye Distortion (Sanity Report, Pflichtkauf)
7.1979 – Miniwahr (Commando)
8.Mono No Aware – Abhyava Ka Sika (Kataku)
9.Exilon – Black Bear(Prequiem, Component Rec.)
download[38 mb / 160 kbps mp3]

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